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Research and analysis - compass on a map

Research and Analysis

At VIRTUS GLOBAL, we know that a comprehensive and timely understanding of risks and opportunities is fundamental in pursuing our clients’ objectives.

Thus, we have formed a team that develops a multidisciplinary integration of knowledge, tools, and experience in the execution of methodological research plans that provide determining elements for decision-making and strategy management.

Strategy design and management - lighthouse and ship in a storm

Strategy design and management

The VIRTUS GLOBAL team’s experience in managing strategic issues of public and private origin allows it to provide coordination and support services in the design, planning, execution, evaluation, and redirection of plans and strategies to increase success in the materialization of its objectives.

Consequently, it has a qualified team in generating risk management tools, public-private coordination, support for units involved in operational management and business sustainability, focused adaptation, and strategic relationships.

Market access - pin map

Market access

In association with a select group of allied firms, we advise investors in identifying market opportunities in Colombia, and we accompany the development of new businesses.

We are able to rigorously approach environments and contexts and aid in the decision-making process with our analysis for the business development of national or foreign companies.

We work with proven execution capabilities to develop, optimize, and implement strategies that help our clients achieve their goals.